Its been over 30 years, and I still enjoy coming in to work everyday, and I can't see a day I ever will stop. I feel like a kid in a candy store with access to all this printing equipment; nothing is out of my reach. 90.5 Talk Radio needs a shirt by the afternoon:Done. Customer needs a set of business cards in an hour: Done. Business can't find their banner they need for the trade show, that they are leaving to go to in 3 hours: Done. We see an interesting idea for a new product on TV, I'm making a mock up of it the next day. The business has allowed me the opportunity to make an impact on the community I have lived my whole life in, big or small, I am grateful for every encounter I have had.
Thanks Peterborough!

Shane Dore
My wife Nancy has been here through all the ups and downs. She too admits that she can't see a day not coming in here either, especially now that my work area is not right beside HERS in our new store!! When you are looking for office supplies, or anything to do with clothing, imprinted apparel, Nancy is there to help.

23+ Years ago "Chip" came to work here and has taken on more and more duties every year. He runs the computer repair/maintance side of our business, along with almost all the Business Cards and most of the print/design work running through our digital copiers. He is an extremely important part of our business, and the one that keeps us laughing in here with his unique style of comedy.
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